Monday, September 15, 2014

Successes and Milagros

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This week was a bit rough.  I’m not sure what we need to do to change our lessons but every time I suggest anything to my comp he shrugs it off and we continue to teach in the same manner we have for the past two weeks, but I will tell of the successes and milagros (miracles) that happened this week.

Last Monday, as a district we went to a soccer stadium and spent half an hour or an hour looking at the trophies and the field and then we went and played rugby at the church for about an hour.  Then we were able to get back to work which was nice!!!  We met with Bernardito, who is a single lady that Elder Woodfield and his companion, Elder Blackett, which is a roommate of mine, contacted.  Bernardito is studying law and is actually reading from the Book of Mormon.  As my companion explained, she has had the doubt that Christ didn’t establish one church to be His only true church because she receives good feelings from going to other churches as well.  We have explained through scriptures that Jesus did in fact establish a church on the earth, but I am afraid that she didn’t accept what we had taught. 

Tuesday we weren’t actually able to teach a lesson that day =( SO let me explain, we were given the instruction as a zone to meet at the hospital at 10 in the morning to do service at the hospital but when we had all gotten there we were informed that they weren’t ready for us yet and needed us back at 3, so ok sounds good.  So we went back to our apartment.  That meant we spent an hour of travel time and then we finished our studies and made lunch.  By then, it was time to go back with 20 to 40 minutes of travel each way.  When we get to the hospital, they have this army truck filled with medical supplies that we unloaded.  Now, it was close to 5:30 and they had another truck coming there to be unloaded so we waited until 6:15ish when it showed up.  By the time we finished unloading the second truck it was 8:30.  We traveled home and our day was gone.

The rest of the week was good and I have learned that no matter what, logic doesn’t convince people to change very well.  One thing I hope to improve on over the next several months is being able to discern other people’s feelings and emotions; because that is not something I do very well.


Elder Call

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