Monday, November 10, 2014

Lots of New Experiences

Hola Familia!!

WOW!  This week there were a lot of new experiences, many of which I am forbidden to tell anything about!!!! Sorry maybe in 3 or 4 weeks I will be able to let you all know=)

This week we found a man by the name of Mariano.  He is about 50 and does not have any children, which is probably the weirdest thing I have learned about someone this past week, because everyone here has plenty of children. Haha.  Anyways, we found him contacting Monday night and found out that he had assisted the church reunions a couple of times many years back. So that was cool.  Last Sunday night we received a phone call from a member that lives in San Lorenzo and received a reference of a family friend that they believed is possessed by a spirit. So yes, we were super excited—NOT!!! I hate encounters with stuff like that. But, ok we went and we taught the family outside things that they can do to help their daughter and niece to rid herself of the spirit.  We gave them a Libro De Mormon (Book of Mormon) and told them to read it to her whenever possible and to sing himnos (hymns) and to pray lots for strength. We visited them again on Wednesday and they said that she was just a little bit better and that she will eat a little bit of food but that she is still really bad.  Bueno, they only read to her a little bit we explained to them that they need to read a lot but we will see.  When we arrived on Wednesday, Mariano was there, also.  I guess they happen to be friends so we were able to teach them together. Sadly the family was not able to come to church this Sunday because they had a family member that was going to baptize their baby in the Catholic Church.  As for Mariano, his sister, ended up having to go to the hospital Sunday morning and he had to accompany her.

We were able to find an incredible family that is inactive. The husband is the only one that is not a member. Maxima is the mom, Linda is the daughter, Claudis and Antonio are their sons. Maxima was born into the church and was active all her life until about five years ago she was in the process of buying a house with her 2nd husband and started to work on Sundays.  No one in five years has ever stopped by and visited them, no one from the branch, no missionaries, no one, which is so sad because they are so receptive and kind.  It was such a blessing we have tried to stop by a time or two since, but no one has ever been home and her husband works until 9 in the evenings Monday to Saturday.  Claudis just turned 12 on Thursday and we were able to pass and share a message with them and eat some leftover cake =)

Love you all! The work is Great!

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