Monday, December 15, 2014

Important Things

Hello to all

Alrighty, I will start off with the important things:

First of all, we found Liz and Jose on Monday night in their house and talked a little bit with Liz. She was super nice and was willing to let us come back on Tuesday because it was already 8:40 P.M.  and we still had a 35 or so minute walk to get to our house.  We could not stay and talk to her at that time, but Thursday we went there and we were able to convince her to let us into her house, because for this month we have the permission of carrying our dvd player around with us to watch “He is the Gift” with everyone.   For safety reasons we can only watch it, if they allow us to enter the house. Anyways, the video worked miracles in her heart and she realized her need to follow Christ.  Jose, well I am afraid, that he just does not have a desire to do anything of the sort. We were able to pass by again Saturday and we taught just Liz, because Jose, typical Paraguayan man, on Saturday and Sunday was Drunk!! We taught Liz how she can come to know for herself if what we are saying is in fact true. and how she can come to the knowledge of which church is the Church of Jesus Christ or if God even has a Church. We gave her a Book of Mormon.  She was going to come to Church but didn’t =(

We have tried to make cinnamon rolls. . . they Failed!!  They did not rise at all and were just plain ugly. haha So talking with some members we asked around as to why they would not have risen.  We found out that there are like 4 different grades of flour and that it was because we did not use the right type of flour, so we are going to try them again today to see if they work out!

Love you!

Elder Call

Hey, so about the hernia, I was finally able to get a hold of Hermana Agazzani this week and she said that she had not received the estudios (results) that I had sent close to a month ago, but that she was going to go to the officina (office) and find them and call me back within a week and if she does not, for me to call her back.  So I still have two days for the week to be up and then I will call her again. I am trying to be pretty safe, but I don’t like the idea of not working or helping out or exercising.

I just realized that my mission is 1/4 of the way over and I do not like that it is going by so fast, everything just kind of meshes in together.

Elder Call

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