Monday, February 9, 2015

My Life

Hey Mom,

This week was good but I have already spent my time up writing individually to everyone. Matias was able to come to church this Sunday and then had lunch with us in the house of a member, the CaƱete family, so that was super cool but he was the only one that was able to come.

Love you tons, Elder Call

This is part of the letter to Ben:

Me and my life, well it is really interesting, wake up at 6:30, get ready, study until 10:30; leave; find the house that you had made the return visit; empty; do some contacting; set some more leccions (lessons); go to lunch, usually at a members house, eat; share a short message; leave; go to other appointments; clap, clap, clap, call; well, I guess no one is home. Hahaha, oh well, I guess keep walking; after some time, ten or so little kids come and tell you that their mom says that nobody is home; you finally find a house that lets you enter! Awesome!!!  Get to know them; teach a leccion (lesson) to best fit their needs.  Invite to be baptized; hear I have already been baptized; explain why there is a need to be baptized again; well, I guess they are of a different religion and do not want to change; invite to read the pamphlet; say a prayer; leave.

It is really weird, I cannot logically explain why I like it or why we smile throughout the day, but we do.  I love it!  I have become so familiar with the scriptures, all except the Old Testament and I guess the Doctrine & Covenants so far, but it is way cool.  I exhort you to continue to be an example to your friends of how they should live their lives. I am so grateful that I was able to grow up with you by my side and hope that you continue on the path of righteousness. I love you lots!

Love, Elder Call

This is the letter Dallin sent to his dad, only it was mostly in Spanish.  Justin translated it for me.

Hey Dad,

This past week was nice, we had zone conference where we talked a lot about needing to work both harder and smarter with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. I think that we can always improve in this part of the work.I don't like to think much in English anymore because my mind has switched into Spanish and now it is difficult to translate back into English. I still make a lot of mistakes in Spanish but I just write what comes to my mind.

I hope you have a great week

Elder Call 

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