Monday, February 16, 2015

Super Week

Dear Family & Friends:

This week was super.  Tuesday was the birthday of Elder Davis and it was all good.  He is ready to go home, almost, but when we arrived back at the apartment (pension), the owners wife had made him a big ol' plate of flan to celebrate the B-day un poco (a little). Wednesday we had changes and elder Tejeda left from Leopardi and Elder Blackett, (with whom I had lived with back in Obrero), replaced him.

Last Sunday, the YSA (young single adults) had a FHE (family home evening) in the home of Andy Vera who is the most amazing of all the members here in Leopardi. She wants so badly to serve a mission but after 3 months of waiting for her call to come, she called the mission office and asked what was going on. I guess that there is an issue with her health and that she needs to go on a mini-mission first.  Matias and Ilse went and participated in the FHE where they learned the 13 Articles of Faith. The Members told us that Matias showed some doubt on the need to repent.  We were able to meet with him on Thursday and read Alma 34 and were able to solve his duda (doubts) about repentance.  He had an incorrect interpretation of what repenting was.  Also, he has chosen to be baptized this coming Saturday, but Saturday he advised us that he would not likely be at church this Sunday because he was going on vacation.   He did not end up coming but we are still going to try for the baptism this Saturday .

Ilse is awesome but we have found it really difficult finding time to teach her and to take another person with us to her house. She, however, did come to church yesterday and we have a FHE planned in the Flia Aquino’s house tonight with her, Matias and Fabio.

I think I already told you, but Hugo, the friend of Belen and Gabi (recent converts), returned from Brazil. We were able to meet with him Saturday and he informed us that last Sunday he was waiting for us to pass by his house to go to church, but we did not, so this week we made sure to pass by and he was ready to go.  After the Sacrament, he left and went to the house of his uncle and we were not able to meet with him again yesterday.

We found Nestor three weeks back. He is inactive, separated from his wife, and is living with another family.  In the same house, lives his best friend/coworker named Derlis, a nonmember and his family. Both of them attended church yesterday.  Nestor is awesome in the lessions (lessons) because he likes the church and by what I can see only does not go because he knows that he is breaking some commandments, because divorcements (divorces) are expensive.  He is always giving good comments and compliments to the church unlike many inactive members.  Derlis is extremely humble and cool but we have not been able to share with his woman yet because she works until 9 or 10 o’clock but they will need to be married.

Well, that is a list of our investigators that are progressing ahora (now).

The good thing about all this is that God loves us, even when we do not deserve to be loved, he still loves us.  He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to open the doors and lay the path in which, if we follow we may return to our Father.  May we all nourish the Word of God in our lives so that it can take firm root in our hearts!  I know that the Scriptures are true and that as you dive into them, you will find the counsel and the path to peace, love, and happiness!

I love you all!
Elder Call

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