Monday, November 30, 2015

It is True

Hello, Family and Friends:

How’s the temp up there? Down here in Paraguay it is going fine.  We had divisions on Tuesday and on Friday.  On Tuesday I left the area and Elder Evans and Elder Lopez stayed and visited the area.  It was a rough day to say the least.  Near 4 o'clock, Elder Evans called me and explained that they had just finished teaching Jorge and his girlfriend (our family of gold) and in the beginning, it was awesome and they explained how they had talked and thought about what we had taught them and know that it is true and want to be Baptized!!!!!! YEA!!!! But, further into the lesson, they explained the Law of Chastity and everything went down the drain because Jorge is married to another woman =( nooooooo not only that but he also has 2 grand in debt that he has to pay the government before he can receive a divorce.  Really that hurt because they were our only hope for a great little while.  Well, we will still pass by for them and teach them to help them work towards the day that they can one day be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ.

We have spent this week doing a lot of contactos and FHE in the home of several of the most fiel (faithful) members.  We have found several familias that have some potencial in the long term future.  One of the which is the ex pastor of the First Evangelica Church in Pirayu!!! I hope sooo badly that he becomes converted!!!

Elder Evans and I are doing well and having a good time with the area.  Only 15 members came to church this Sunday and the others I don’t know what their big problem is, but, hey, like Hannah says, “Mountains of doubt and/or hatred can be destroyed and removed by Jesus Christ.”  Let us place our confidence in the All powerful.

I love the season of Christmas. Everyone seems to remember Jesus a little more in their lives. They look for simple acts of service and love that they may express towards random strangers as well as family members.

This week was good we found four new families that are very content in allowing us to share with them. Each one of them sadly had their firm one that didn’t allow the other to progress.  But all the other members of the familias understood really well and wanted to do whatever it takes to live with their family forever.

I really do love this gospel and am so happy to have been born in a family who taught me these teachings since i was young.  They are True.

I love you,
Elder Call

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