Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Family & Friends:

This week was another great week. Really I feel so good in this area and am having a great time. Sometimes I get frustrated, but not nearly as much here. It is weird, but I feel that anything really is possible here. I have never felt that before in my mission and I love it. 

This week was quite slow.  We were quite out of ideas and we have looked and found every member that has been baptized in this branch, while asking and looking for references and old investigators.  Elder Evans and I were not having any success and by golly; were we trying a ton of things because we don’t want this place to close down.  However, at the end of the week on Saturday we were looking for a member reference that an inactive gave us.  We could not find it for the life of us so we stop in the middle of the street and just start talking about what we could possibly do next and after about 10 minutes of talking and laughing, we decided to go back to a street that we had already asked around.  As we turned to walk that way the Spirit pushed me towards a house were a man was resting in his hammock.  When he saw me take two stumbling steps toward him, he sat up in his hammock and we decided that we would ask him.  He invited us into his home and it turns out that he had shared with the elders in San Lorenzo and had gone to church.  This man is named Jorge Ortiz and lives with his wife and two darling little boys.  He said he would come to church and he did =) =)  =) YEA.  That was awesome. 

This week 22 people were at church, nine of them were men and three were the children.  It was beautiful to see and it now means that we have a ton of work to do to help them clean themselves up and get rid of their bad habits. 

The family in the foto is the family Perira and we are preparing them to go to the temple and be sealed together forever. From the time that we have focused on the temples in their lives, they have really changed and they look so much better and really shine with happiness.

The gospel is true! The temple is the house of God!  It is what makes the church so amazing. We are so blessed to be members of this wonderful church.  May God be with you ‘til we meet again.

Elder Call  

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