Monday, November 16, 2015

Hot Week

Hey Everyone:

This week was HOT!!  Yesterday afternoon cooked me.  I actually almost took a shower from the spigot of a member’s house and Elder Evans at the end look like he really did.  So, yea, it is getting HOT.  The humidity takes it out of us, but today it is raining and so that is super nice.

Last Monday, we went to the Lake of Yparcari and enjoyed the beautiful view.  We had the desire to do some fishing and swimming, but kept the rules.

Here are some pics of the lake:

Elder Evans is fine this week and so am I.  However, the former branch president of the branch arrived from Argentina on Tuesday and has been visiting all the members.  The only bad part is that he has a hatred for the current branch president and is completely against him. We sadly dropped down to only 13 members that came to church.  Many were working or used the excuse that yesterday was the day of “voting for the leaders of Paraguay.  So also we saw a lot of drunk men and women last night.  It was super sad.  This week we did actually find a few new investigators, some that have already dropped investigating but we are working with several others.

We had divisions on Thursday and went back to teach Rosa and Jorge and we shared straight up only of Jesus Christ from the words of King Benjamin and they showed great desires to marry and get baptized. That was super exciting, however, we have to convince Jorge’s mom to support them and give them help, not tear them down or it will never work.

I have seen the strong power of the words of the Prophets testifying of the love of Jesus Christ and change even the hardest of hearts.  Although, I have also seen others similar to Korihor who after hearing them, knows that they are true and deny’s them again.  It is sad to see that happen.  But when they harken unto the words of God they achieve the immense joy of the redemption.

I love you a ton and hope you all have a wonderful week.
Elder Call

Hannah shared the pictures sent to her.  Remember the lunch a couple of weeks ago with the cow head?

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