Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Gospel is LOVE

Hi Family,

This last week was a ton of fun.  With it being my last couple of weeks here in Paraguay, and realizing that the missionary work generally works a lot better when the members bring their friends to church, we have been planning and doing a ton of FHE with the members, strengthening them and just having a great time.  One of the results we saw was that the girlfriend of Rene (one of the kids here in the ward) came to church and loved it.

Hahaha so I was thinking about what could have been funny this last week and just came to mind what happened last night!!

So we had a FHE in the house of a RM whose family is MA and father is not a member.  Anyways when we arrived the dad had already emptied 2 six packs and was very happy.  So he comes up to us and asks us where we are from and I say Wyoming and my companion says the Philippines (side note: Dallin’s companion is from California).  The dad just about freaks with excitement and starts asking us about our ancestors like the Shoshone and the native Philippinos and wants to learn their rain dances. He proceeds to show us how the Guarani do their rain dance. Afterwards my companion starts doing a weird dance and the dad tries to imitate it and really gets into it pounding his chest and turning in all sorts of circles.  We just started busting out laughing and he loved it.

That was the story of the week.

The mission is a blast and we just have to be ourselves here and always.

As President Monson says the Gospel is LOVE if we don’t have love we don’t have the gospel. Keep up the good work!

Love you all!
Elder Call

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