Monday, June 13, 2016

His Work

Well, Well, family and friends:

This past Tuesday, we were able to meet up with Cecilia, the girlfriend of Rene, and we began talking about the Fast and Testimony Meeting she attended last Sunday.  She had felt something so strong and pure while the people where bearing their testimonies, which of course, was the Holy Ghost and that made her want to talk with us and learn more. She has been able to feel a similar feeling as we talked and as she prayed to know if Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. The only thing is that she wants to take teachings slowly, which is okay as long as she doesn’t abandon it for her parents.  She did get sick because of how cold it has been here and did not attend church this week but is now reading the Book of Mormon and is loving it.

Anais and Elias are doing great and are continually reading and progressing in the scriptures. Carlos and Sonia have moved back to Conception and are waiting up there until some things settle down.  Christian and Griselda are doing somewhat fine, but they also didn’t come this last week and with Christian always being gone from home, we don’t have many opportunities to share with him or Griselda

This week I have been learning how to cook much of the traditional food of Paraguay to teach you all back there.

The Church is God’s Church and we are his servants and this is His work. May we all be a part of it and reap the blessings.

Elder Call

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