Monday, July 13, 2015

New Mission President

Dear Family and Friends:

This week we were blessed to travel to Asuncion, to meet our New Mission President. They are super awesome and the changes that he has made left the missionaries speechless there.  So the thing with this mission has been a huge focus on baptism, baptism, baptism; all about the baptisms, even to the point that the zone leaders had told us that the only thing that President Agazzani really cares about are the baptisms.  And so that was what almost everyone had in mind and heart. President Wilson, thanks to inspiration, is changing this attitude with focusing on the conversion of the people, not just leading them up to the waters of baptism.  So many of us have had to repent and are working on molding our minds to the better view of the Work.  On the bus ride home that afternoon/evening, Elder Vega and I were able to have the bus guys play the video, “The Testaments” on the bus TV, so that everyone could watch it.  After it finished there were many people who shouted, saying, “Hey, have you guys another one?  We would like to watch another.”  But, we didn’t have another one.  It was so great!  Tons of people liked it. And then, Sister Jenson took the responsibility of passing out the Book of Mormon to those who wanted it.

Hey, so the Paredes’ family is doing good.  The wife has dropped smoking now and is doing great.  This Wednesday, she is going to take us to the house of her aunt so that we can meet with her. However, Saturday night her sister gave birth and she had gone to help her with that and spent the night over with her.

The Rojas family (the little kids that were just baptized) all came to church yesterday even though it rained the entire time that we were walking and after arriving at the church it cleared off and turned into a beautiful day.

It rained a ton this past week and the roads were very pretty. haha

I love being a missionary and having this opportunity to help my brothers and sisters in all aspects of their lives.  The phrase that says “give a man a fish and it feeds him for a day; teach a man to fish and it feeds him for a lifetime,” can be taught similar, “You can give men a scripture and feed him for a moment, you teach a man to study them you feed him for a lifetime.” I love you all and hope that you are studying the scriptures with diligence.

With love,
Elder Call

The bio of Dallin's new mission president:

Paraguay Asunción Mission
Sergio A. and Susana Wilson
Sergio Agustin Wilson Birriel, 53, and Susana Ramos de Wilson, three children, Centro Ward, Durazno Uruguay Stake: Paraguay Asunción Mission, succeeding President Pedro D. Agazzani and Sister Maria E. Agazzani. Brother Wilson serves as a mission presidency counselor and is a former stake president, stake presidency counselor, branch president, bishopric counselor, and ward financial clerk. Maintenance official, air force. Born in Rosario, Colonia, Uruguay, to Edgar Noel Wilson and Ines Graciela Birriel.
Sister Wilson serves as a Gospel Principles teacher and is a former Relief Society presidency counselor, ward Young Women president, institute teacher, ward Relief Society teacher, and Sunday School teacher. Born in Durazno, Durazno, Uruguay, to Saul Ramos and Luisa Elsa Ramos.

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