Monday, July 27, 2015

Life Goes On

Dear Family:

So transfers will be this Wednesday and it will be a coin toss to see who will be leaving the area. This week we spent contacting a ton, dropping almost all of our investigators, because they aren’t progressing and continue fighting against the Spirit.  Thanks to the tradiciones (traditions) that have been planted in their minds.  So we were able to find a bunch of new and super friendly people who all had the same excuse this Sunday, “I have to go vote, but the next Sunday, we will put our effort in going.” So thanks to elections this week many people had a great excuse to decide not to attend the reunions.

This past Wednesday, we had interviews with President Wilson which are always super good but very quick and I was able to receive a new temple recommend because I lost mine in the colectivo (bus), two weeks ago traveling to Asuncion.

The other day we talked to the mother of Evelyn.  It has been close to one month since we have been able to talk and meet with Evelyn, and her mom, Mirna, told us that she is concerned for her daughter and that she has fallen again and isn’t as happy as she was when she was meeting with us. However sad it might seem and the heartache that it gave when I heard that, it just might have been exactly what Mirna needed to see, to allow and support the decision of Evelyn to be baptized!!!! So, we will be talking more tomorrow and start sharing with her once again!!

The Church is led by God himself, who has called a prophet and given him the power to perform all of the saving ordinances of the gospel.  Only one man can possess that power on the earth at one time and his name now is Thomas S. Monson, the prophet of God in the latter days.

I love you and Life goes ON!!!! Christ is resurrected!

Love you all,
Elder Call

P.S.  We received the package.  It was an amazing surprise.  It arrived super fast.   Elder Vega was super excited to have his bottle of Mapleline.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart and Elder Vega says hi and thank you as well.

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