Monday, July 6, 2015

Awesome Week

Dear Family & Friend:

That is super sad to hear of his (President Packer’s) passing away, but it was time, I guess. God has everything timed out.  It is perfect, because He is perfect.

As for the week and the things that made it awesome was, first, of all on Tuesday, we went to Asuncion to eat a lunch with President Agazzani and say goodbye to him as a mission. The whole event took the entire day with the bus rides and everything, so we didn’t have time to go and work. But, at the lunch everyone was there so of course I was talking to Elder Graves and he told me the best news I have heard in my entire mission.  I don’t know if you guys remember Derlis and Sandra whom we worked with and loved with all our heart.  Well, three weeks ago they got married and baptized.  I really felt like Alma when he found his brethren coming home from the mission and hearing of their success. The news put me on a natural high for this whole week.  It was so good to learn!!!!! and see the pictures!!!! They are such great people!!!!

This week we found the Paredes family and they are sweet!! Their names are Madre-Carolina, Papa-Marcos, 18-Marcos, 16-Cristian, 12-Octavio, and 7-Ayelin. They are super amazing we taught Cristian and Octavio the first time and the parents the next time.  They have never even heard of the Mormons which surprised us and we shared leccion 3 with the kids and leccion 2 with the parents and si o si they were going to go to church but then didn’t go.  We went to talk with them to see if everything was alright and it was, only the uncle and the oldest brother asked liked where were they going or what religion it is.  Marcos responded Mormon and they asked him what is a Mormon, what does it mean and he didn’t know what or how to respond and for that simple reason they didn’t go to church.

Marcos and Ramon and Jorge were baptized this Friday and Marcos and Ramon were confirmed Sunday. While walking with Marcos and Ramon to the church, three other kids, two of which I had no idea who they were, joined us and went to church. All was tranquilo.

Well folks, there you have the report from Paraguay.

Elder Call

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