Thursday, August 21, 2014

Truly a Miracle

Hey Familia y Amigos:

I am practically fluent at Spanish now, so that is exciting. Haha, not really, but I get better each and every day. It truly is a miracle how much the Lord helps in learning a language. There is no other way to put it than God has blessed me with the ability to speak and understand a little bit of Spanish. He will continue to help me learn until I have mastered the language. The people here are so kind and willing to help out with learning the language. It truly is such a blessing.

On Thursday we received a new batch of Latinos. They are super cool. The ones in my room are incredibly humble and are just awesome. One of the Latinos that lives in a room upstairs is Elder Ramirez, and he it is absolutely crazy hot good he is at beat-boxing; it is so cool!

We went to a new area last Saturday, and it was so good. There were a lot of people in at least half of our area. The other half just turned out to be massive storage buildings with just a few houses in between them. Elder Parmenter and I did a ton better this week and were able to understand a lot more of the conversations. We were able to answer the investigators questions, too. The first two Saturdays we did not really know what we were agreeing to, so hopefully we did not teach some false doctrine or anything like that. This Saturday we came across a man by the name of Daniel that we got to talking to about normal things. He has a wife and two kids. We did not meet his wife and one of his kids, but we met the other one which was cool. He had a friend over that was downing some alcohol and kept offering a glass to us which of course was always declined. After talking to him for a bit, we were about to leave, but he had just offered us some juice. At first we said, no thanks, but he was sad that we didn't take up his offer and was making sure that we understood that it was just juice. We decided to take the offer, and I am glad that we did! Not only was the juice really good, but while we continued to talk to him, we asked if he attended a church. He explained that he didn't because he didn't think that God had a church on the earth today!!!!! Perfect opportunity to tell him that Jesus has restored his church on the earth today through the prophet, Joseph Smith, and then we bore testimony of the truthfulness of our teachings. It was just amazing. That was definitely the highlight of the day.

Dad, the Churri Pans are so good. There was a thingy on the side of the road, so I made sure I bought one.

I spoke last Sunday. Our topic was on the Fall of Adam and Eve. It went well.

Anyways, I fly out on Tuesday morning early. I can call you if you would like, but I don’t want to try if you aren't going to be awake. I will most likely be at the airport from 4 to 6 in the morning my time. I will have like five minutes to email on Monday, so make sure you tell me what you would like.

I love it here in Argentina. I love this Gospel. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to bring others unto Christ. Hopefully, they will understand the importance of it all.

I love you all. Keep praying and reading the scriptures; it is the little things that matter the most.

Love Elder Call 

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