Thursday, August 14, 2014

Love It

Dear Family & Friends:

My week was good.  We spend a ton of time studying on our own and the rest learning grammar or teaching lessons. I am really struggling with pronunciation, pretty much just like I struggled with English, but oh well; sometimes the people can understand me. I try to improve and get better each day, and I find that I am getting better.  It is such a help to be at this MTC surrounded by Spanish.  I love it!

I love it here. We are like a big family, always doing stuff to bug each other. It is really funny, and I have to be the peacemaker or else no one else would be.  Last night Elder Bentley hid Elder Wilson’s alarm clock in the ceiling of his room and set it for 3 in the morning--little pranks are done like that all the time.  It is funny; as usual I avoid the pranks, so I am happy. So the door to the rooms can’t be locked from the inside so it has to be done with a key from the outside. If the rooms are messy, you get locked out of your room, so Saturday night I decided to lock Elder Bentley out of his room. He and his companion had no clue as to what to do because all the cleaning ladies and teachers had already left, which was funny. While they were downstairs, I unlocked it for them and went about my night. I enjoyed paying them back for stuff they do to the others.

I proselyte with my companion, Elder Parmenter, and neither of us know much Spanish or how to do it. My companion is interesting.  We just do our best and have fun. This Saturday we didn’t find anyone who was receptive to the gospel, but the people are nice and allow us to practice our Spanish with them for a while. While we were proselyting we came across a little ice cream shop which was amazing!  I, of course, got the super Dulce de Leche ice cream because I am addicted to that stuff already.  I brush my teeth at least three times a day, usually five, because I eat so much of it.  I have bought three jars of it, and have gone through them all. I eat so many bananas with dulce because it is soooo good.  I love it.

I love it here!  I have learned so much, both temporal with the language and spiritual with the doctrine.  My testimony of the mercy of God has grown so much. God is all knowing and has been thinking about our generation for a long time.  I am so glad that He has the confidence in us to hold the power of His priesthood.  I love to know that He loves each and every one of us and has provided a way to become like Him and live in His presence again.

I love you all!  Thanks for the support, love and prayers.
Love, Elder Call

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