Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Week Was AMAZING!!!

Editors Note:  To understand the letter that Dallin sent home you have to read the letter his mother sent to him.  Both are posted with the mother's questions in red and Dallin's responses are in black.

Sweet Argentine Sunrise
Dear Elder Dallin:
How was your second week at the MTC or CCM? 
Second week was amazing!!!!
Buenos Aries Temple
Are you able to communicate with the Spanish people better?  Do you have a devotional every week? Or do they replay the one in Provo? 
Devotionals are weird here but still good.  The first week was one from Elder Holland back around Christmas time of 2010. It was good. This week the CCM President talked to us at the devotional.
Do you ever get to leave the temple grounds or the MTC area or do you stay on the MTC grounds?  
We only get to leave the temple grounds on Saturdays to go proselyting which will be super fun and I am looking forward to that so much in two days. 
Do you have to do your own laundry?
On Tuesdays and on Fridays we do our own laundry. 
Have you had a hair cut yet? 
Yes. I got my hair cut the Friday that I got here. The guy who did it finished in under one minute and that is not an exaggeration. Scariest thing of my life!
What are you studying -- The Book of Mormon, New Testament, Preach My Gospel? Are you able to get the pocket size Preach My Gospel or did they give you one that is the 8x11? What is your day like?  What time do you get up in the morning?  
I am studying the Preach My Gospel most of the time and reading the chapters and the verses that they have in there to read. They give out the big ones but oh well I don't end up carrying it around anywhere anyways. Arise and shine is at 6:30.
How many missionaries are there in your room? 
At the moment there are 3 missionaries in my room but by the end of today there will be 8, so it will be a full room.  
Buenos Aries Temple
How many new missionaries came in this week?  Are the sisters that traveled down to Argentina in your MTC district? 
45 missionaries are expected to arrive today making a total of 57 here but a lot of (North Americans) NAs are coming so there won't be as many Spanish speaking people which will be sad, however, there is one from Paraguay that is coming. I am so excited to talk with him about Paraguay!!.
We go to the temple this afternoon so I am excited as always for that.
My CCM Distric
We have gotten into quite a daily routine now and by the end of the day my brain hurts from Spanish. one elder from Peru that came last night had a hernia surgery two weeks ago, so we gave him a blessing in Spanglish he does not know a lick of English though it was good nevertheless.
This is how we know who is in Dallin's District
They finally served Empanadas, which were really good!
All of the North Americans that traveled down with me are in the same District. 
I will send a pic that has all of their names where they are from and where they are going.

Sister Austin, Paraguay Asuncion Mission, Kaysville, UT
Sister Coleman, Uruguay Montevideo Mission, Mesa, AZ
Sister Thorne, Uruguay Montevideo Mission, Syracuse, UT
Elder  Parmenter, Uruguay Montevideo Mission, St. George, UT
Elder Call, Paraguay Asuncion Mission, Grover, WY
Elder Hartvigsen, Uruguay Montevideo West, Surprise, AZ
Elder Bentley, Uruguay Montevideo West, South Jordan, UT
Elder  Henderson, Uruguay Montevideo Mission, Tucson, AZ
Elder McDermott, Paraguay Asuncion Mission, Draper, UT
Elder Rogers, Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Elder Udy, Uruguay Montevideo Mission, Iona, ID

I love you all
Love Elder Call
The bidet

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